The Ssempiira Foundation is working tirelessly with veterans in the Mental Health and addiction fields of Canada to help other health workers and policy makers around the world devise new and modernised policy frameworks to prevent, diagnose and treat Mental Health and addiction.

The developed world has made great strides in its efforts to combat Mental Health and Addiction. Africa, on the other hand, is still struggling on almost all fronts. For that reason, the Ssempiira Foundation is offering comprehensive 5 Day marathon workshops to Healthcare professionals and policymakers to learn from the best of Canada’s peers.

After these workshops, attendees will be equipped with the knowledge and skills of how Canada built its Mental Health and Addiction policy framework and compare notes with their respective countries to shorten the learning curve.


From Cape to Cairo, we inspire the agents of change with new ways to combat the sprilling challenges caused by Mental Health and Addiction across Africa. The COVID-19 pandemic made Mental Health and Addiction a parallel crisis. The immobility, government imposed restrictions, sickness and deaths led many to drink, use drugs and other substances. With Canada’s knowledge, experience and goodwill, Africa can get a grip on Mental Health and Addiction before it’s too late.

To attend our workshops please fill out the form below and obtain an official invitation from our organisation. Fees and terms change with no prior notice.

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