Mental Health & Addiction Training Workshop

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Work in the field of community support services is incredibly rewarding. Professionals often express a significant level of job/work satisfaction from the impact and overall difference their work can make in someone’s life. Addictions and community support workers hold professional jobs in a wide range of settings including but not limited to, group homes, outreach services, residential treatment facilities, domestic violence shelters, and many other not-for-profit and social service agencies.

Discover key features of the Addictions and Community Service Worker Diploma program:

Study online, in-person or hybrid with a schedule that seamlessly aligns with your home, work, and other commitments.
Enhance your communication and technical skills needed to work in the community and assist those who suffer from personal, social, and/or substance issues.
Learn how to assess clients’ emotional or health related needs, and to develop action plans to support those clients.
Explore topics such as the basic concepts of psychology, impacts of stigma, effects of trauma throughout the lifespan, crisis interventions, and addiction treatment approaches.

Recognize disorders and mental health concerns with those at high risk for abuse and violence, vulnerable populations, and more.
Understanding these core concepts of the helping profession prepares graduates to provide the crucial support their future clients deserve.

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