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The Ssempiira Foundation was founded on September 9th 2020 in Toronto, Ontario. It was incorporated the same day and received a non-for-profit number 1232736 - 8 by Canada Revenue Agency. Our mandate is to educate mankind on a host of subjects with the help of experts whose experience and knowledge gives them an edge. We achieve this by organizing local and international training workshops, conferences and courses. We partner with the City of Toronto, the Province of Ontario, Universities, Colleges, private institutions and organizations to source for the best talent to facilitate our training programs. We believe that Knowledge is Power.

The Founder

Francis Xavier Ssempiira is a son, father and husband who lives in Downtown Toronto with his family. He migrated from Uganda where he worked as a teacher and still owns a school that promotes girl child education called Veronah High School (http://www.veronahigh.org/index.html).

He is the Founder of Yata Technologies Inc. an affordable housing construction company and Black Monk, a retail fashion brand all located in Toronto. He is a published author, public speaker and educator.

Through his foundation, Francis Xavier successfully organized the International Conference on Legislation for Members of Parliament from Uganda; to help them formulate a new Mental Health & Addiction Policy framework by learning from the Canadian Model.


The Ssempiira Foundation partnered with the Center for Addiction & Mental Health Canada (CAMHC), Amber Howard & Associates Inc and the Parliamentary Forum for Mental Health in Uganda to make this happen. The event is meant to lay the foundation for the Mental Health & Addiction Bill which once passed will unlock millions of dollars in Mental Health aid for the 46 million Ugandans.

Francis Xavier is a strong proponent of affordable housing hence the founding of a construction company to cut out the middle man. He believes that the world can be a much better place if the citizens of the world come together rather than work independently.

FX Institute

The FX Institute founded by F.X. Ssempiira was designed to inculcate real life skills in college and university graduates to enable them fit in a changing world. We observed over many years that several young people who spent over a decade in school still came out without the basic practical skills. Many couldn’t prepare a decent meal, change a flat tire, drive a car or ride a motorbike, change bulbs or operate simple machines like washers, driers, photocopiers, scanners and so forth.

We, therefore started training these youngsters in droves to close the skills gaps especially in the field of computer science which most employers were insisting on. We also trained many in self-employment and record keeping which helped curb unemployment. That was the blueprint of FX Institute which today (August 2018) has been revitalized. The Institute is located in Ndeeba, Masaka Road, Rubaga Division, Kampala District of Uganda.

Verona High School

Verona is one of the schools co-founded and co-owned by Francis Xavier Ssempiira. The school, located at Mutundwe, in Wakiso District in Uganda, strives to offer affordable secondary education to needy students from within and outside Uganda.

Verona High School is an Ordinary and Advanced level Day and Boarding Mixed Secondary School, offering Arts and Sciences at both levels.

We have Staff comprising highly qualified, competent and dedicated teachers working with a team of non-teaching staff that compliment academic learning. As a result, Verona high ranks among the top performers in Music, Dance and Drama that attracts thousands of visitors a year on Verona Day.