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Our Vision

To create a world of informed, empowered and inspired citizens

Our Mission

To empower humanity through education and training, promoting dignity of life, equality for all and unfettered freedom under all circumstances.

Aims and Objectives

  1. To create educational opportunities for those who cannot afford them together with recreational and character-building opportunities for youths and children.
  2. To respond to greater challenges of the world today from Africa to the rest of the world; including but not limited to: Climate Change, Famine, Disasters and chronic Disease.
  3. Individual empowerment through education and free skills training
  4. Building schools and vocational training colleges that will revolutionize education in Africa and beyond.
  5. To graduate students who have both formal knowledge but mostly manual skills.
  6. To support projects that reduce or eliminate poverty through the advancement of education, culture and individual freedoms.
  7. To promote charitable initiatives for community development in African communities around the world.
  8. To support projects that provide health care services and products that prevent and manage serious threats to health; projects that provide therapy to accident victims, as well as counseling and support to individuals with cancer and H.I.V/ AIDS.
  9. To support programs that provide public ambulance, paramedic, or general health services.
  10. To enable the extension of Sexual reproductive health services to all including sexual minorities.
  11. To promote the right to good health and good education for all irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, age, religious or political affiliation.