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Our objective of skills training is to

1) To train individuals wishing to try something new and providing the  knowledge and skills to do those things.

2) To set up Driving Schools that will train individuals in Vehicle operation like driving cars, trucks, buses, forklifts, motor bikes, ordinary bikes and other motorized and non-motorized vehicles.

3) To provide schools that will train individuals in health and wealth management. Such schools will provide programs like Personal Support Worker, Financial Literacy and Management, Child Care, Disability Support among others.

4) To Build Schools that promote Trades and Skills development such as computer Skills, tailoring, brick laying, jewelry making,  using technology for personal and community development.

5) To facilitate research and development in academia and in finding solutions to health and development challenges. Such as doing research on social challenges like homelessness and making the results available to policy makers and the wider public.

6) To promote all-round learning for the benefit of the individual and community at large. Such as providing childbirth education classes that focus on preparation for parenting and nutrition.

7) To establish youth mentorship centers that will help teenagers deal with peer pressure, drug and alcohol abuse, safe sex and STD education.

8) To establish rehabilitation centers for various forms of addiction for men, women, and children.

9) To provide scholarships, bursaries, and prizes for scholastic achievement.

10) To create avenues of exhibiting, presenting, performing artistic works and activities that will advance the public’s appreciation of the arts.